Particle and Nuclear Physics

USQCD is a collaboration of US scientists developing and using large-scale computers for calculations in lattice quantum chromodynamics.

Lattice QCD calculations allow us to understand the results of particle and nuclear physics experiments in terms of QCD, the theory of quarks and gluons.

2024 All Hands Meeting, April 18–19, 2024, MIT (virtual)

2023 All Hands Meeting, April 20–21, 2023, MIT (virtual)

2022 All Hands Meeting, April 21–22, 2022, MIT (virtual)

2021 All Hands Meeting, April 30–May 1, 2021, MIT (virtual)

2020 All Hands Meeting, May 1–2, 2020, Jefferson Lab (virtual)

2019 All Hands Meeting, April 26–27, 2019, Brookhaven

2018 All Hands Meeting, April 20–21, 2018, Fermilab

2017 All Hands Meeting, April 28–29, 2017, Jefferson Lab

2016 All Hands Meeting, April 29–30, 2016, Brookhaven

2015 All Hands Meeting, May 1–2, 2015, Fermilab

2014 All Hands Meeting, April 18–19, 2014, Jefferson Lab

2013 All Hands Meeting, April 19–20, 2013, Brookhaven

2012 All Hands Meeting, May 4–5, 2012, Fermilab

Lattice QCD Meets Experiment 2014, March 7–8, 2014, Fermilab

Lattice Meets Experiment 2013: Beyond the Standard Model, December 5–6, 2013, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Lattice Meets Experiment 2012: Beyond the Standard Model, October 26–27, 2012, University of Colorado at Boulder 

Summer School: Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics, August 6–24, 2012, INT, Seattle

Intensity Frontier Workshop White Papers, Nov. 29–Dec. 2, 2011: High Intensity Flavor Physics, g−2, Nucleon Properties

Lattice Meets Experiment 2011: Beyond the Standard Model. October 14–15, 2011, Fermilab

Lattice QCD Meets Experiment Workshop 2010. April 26–27, Fermilab


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