Lattice QCD Meets Experiment 2014


March 7-8, 2014


The coming decade will see a much higher focus on lepton physics in the intensity frontier program. Lattice QCD calculations will be needed throughout this program. The New Muon g-2 experiment needs the hadronic corrections to the g-2 of the muon to be a success. The Mu2e experiment needs nucleon matrix elements from the lattice to interpret their observations in terms of underlying physics models. Lattice calculations of nucleon matrix elements are needed for neutrino experiments such as LBNE in order to disentangle sources of uncertainty. High-intensity Higgs studies will require very high-precision lattice determinations of the b quark mass to be successful. Quark-flavor physics will continue to play an important role with the turn on of Belle II, upgrades at LHCb, and rare kaon decay experiments. The day and a half workshop will seek to bring together experimenters, phenomenologists, and lattice theorists in these areas of mutual interest and will seek to achieve a common understanding of the needs of experiment and the possibilities from lattice calculations in the coming decade.

Topics: Muon g-2, mu to e conversion experiments, hadronic effects in neutrino physics, parametric uncertainties in Higgs decays, spectroscopy, current and future high-precision flavor experiments.

Talks and confirmed speakers include the New Muon g-2 experiment (Lee Roberts), g-2 theory (Tom Blum, Taku Izubuchi), hadronic effects in neutrino physics experiment (Kendall Mahn) and theory (Richard Hill), mu to e conversion experiment (Andrei Gaponenko) and theory (Vincenzo Cirigliano, Andre Walker-Loud), parametric uncertainties in high-precision Higgs decays (Sally Dawson), prospects for lattice QCD calculations of QCD parameters (Peter Lepage), Belle-2 (Toru Iijima), LHCb (Mike Williams), lattice QCD calculations of heavy quark flavor physics (Aida El-Khadra) and kaon physics and long-distance effects in meson mixing (Steve Sharpe).


The program will begin at 9:00 AM both days. It will run until around 6:00 PM on March 7, and until lunchtime on March 8. Much of the program will consist of overview talks focusing on summaries of current status, prospects, and the needs of theory and experiment from each other. The talks will be relatively brief, with ample time scheduled for discussion, as in the program from previous workshops at Fermilab and at SLAC.


You can upload your talk directly to our Indico timetable page before your session. If you don't use Indico, please email your talk to Ruth Van de Water,, before your session.

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There will be no registration fee.

Workshop Dinner

There will be be a workshop dinner on Friday night at Indian Harvest, 796 Royal St. George Drive, Naperville, IL, Map from Fermilab to Indian Harvest. They are expecting us between 6:30 and 6:45.

Other information

When: March 7-8, 2014.

Where: Fermilab, Curia II.

Accomodations: hotels near Fermilab.

Travel information: visiting Fermilab.