Lattice QCD Extension III Computing Program Information

Program Description

The purpose of the LQCD computing program is to provide the USQCD community with the mid-scale computing resources required to meet the computational needs of the lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) research program for fiscal years 2020-2024. The LQCD computing program is an extension of the LQCD-ext II computing project and will support the continued acquisition and operation of institutional computing hardware at computing facilities located at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL).

As the host laboratories, BNL and FNAL provide computing facilities and infrastructure that meet the computing needs of the USQCD science program. The host laboratories also provide computing professionals who plan, design, deploy, and operate the computing hardware systems at each site. In addition, Fermilab provides the LQCD Program Manager and Associate Program Manager, who are charged with the management and oversight of all program activities at the two host laboratories. A detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of these positions can be found in the Project Execution Plan. The budget associated with this program of work provides salary and travel support for Program management and computing professional staff. It also provides for the procurement of computing and data storage hardware services required to achieve Program goals

Program Documentation

Controlled documents for the program are maintained in a separate and secure document database at Fermilab. Fermilab project team members have restricted access to this area.

The list of controlled documents for this project includes the following:

Project Organization

The organization charts for the program are presented and described in the Project Execution Plan. The list of change requests and authorizations is maintained in the Project Change Log.

Project Risk Management

The Project risk management process is described in the LQCD-ext III Risk Management Plan. The LQCD-ext III Risk Register contains a list of identified risks and approved mitigation strategies and is maintained by the Associate Contractor Program Manager. The Risk Register is holistically reviewed and updated at least bi-annually. Specific risks are reviewed and updated according to their predefined review schedule.

Past Project Review Reports and Submissions

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