Lattice QCD Extension II Computing Project Information

Project Description

The LQCD-ext II Computing Project is a part of the DOE Office of Science HEP and NP programs to enable scientific discovery through advanced scientific computing. QCD is the theoretical framework for large experimental programs in HEP and NP, and its properties can only be determined through large-scale computer simulations. The LQCD-ext II Computing Project identified the need to dedicate hundreds of teraflop-years of sustained integrated computing power to the study of QCD, and other strongly coupled gauge theories expected to be of importance in the interpretation of High Energy and Nuclear Physics experiments. The LQCD-ext II Computing Project maintains computing facilities located at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The project provides funds for the acquisition and deployment of new hardware, and for the operation of all LQCD hardware through the end of their lifecycle.

The original "LQCD Computing Project" investment ended in FY09. The LQCD investment has been extended through FY19 under the name "LQCD-ext II Computing Project".

Project Documentation

Controlled Documents

Controlled documents for the project are maintained in a separate and secure document database within Fermilab. Project team members have restricted access to this area. As defined in the Project Execution Plan, the list of controlled documents for the project includes the following:

Project Organization

The organization charts for the project are described in the Project Execution Plan.

Project Change Management

The Project Change Management process is described in the Project Execution Plan. The list of change requests and authorizations is maintained in the Project Change Log.

Project Risk Management

The Project Risk Management process is described in the Risk Management Plan. The actively maintained list of identified risks is in the Risk Register (4/22/2015 snapshot).

Project Reports and Other Documentation

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