Overview of BNL Clusters for USQCD Users

The USQCD Collaboration contracts for the use of time on various clusters at BNL.  These web pages contain information about the clusters of specific relevance to USQCD users.  BNL maintains a general web page, https://www.sdcc.bnl.gov/, for the clusters, which are run by the Scientific Data and Computing Center (SDCC) at BNL.  This SDCC page contains links to more information about the general configuration of the clusters, access to them and their attached storage.

USQCD time on the BNL clusters is allocated by the USQCD Scientific Program Committee (SPC).  The USQCD liaison to BNL acts as an intermediary between the SPC and the BNL staff who manage the clusters.  The liaison asks BNL staff to set up the accounts for each PI, and their collaborators, manages disk quotas for each project and monitors computer usage by each project.  This usage is reported to USQCD project managers every month.

BNL staff manage the computing resources, including compute systems, storage systems (disk and tape), networks and queues. The installation and maintenance of software for general use is handled by BNL staff.

USQCD is one of a number of groups who use the BNL clusters.

 Last updated 2/12/19