Lattice gauge theory software research and development

A SciDAC Project

Structure of the USQCD software.

Under its SciDAC grants, the U.S. lattice gauge theory community has created a unified program environment that enables its members to achieve high efficiency on terascale computers. Among the design goals were to enable users to quickly adapt codes to new architectures, easily develop new applications and incorporate new algorithms, and preserve their large investment in existing codes. These goals were achieved through the development of the QCD Applications Programming Interface (QCD API), which is illustrated in the figure on the right.

A proton on the lattice.







All of the fundamental components of the QCD API have been implemented and are in use on the U.S. QCDOC hardware at BNL, on clusters at FNAL and JLab, and on a number of general purpose supercomputers. The QCD API is being used by a growing number of physicists in the U.S. and abroad.

Complete USQCD software code and documentation.

Members of the Software Committee