The USQCD Collaboration


The USQCD collaboration was founded in 1999, for the purpose of creating and utilizing software and dedicated hardware resources for lattice gauge theory calculations. It is funded by Office of Science of the Department of Energy through several programs: Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR), High Energy Physics (HEP), and Nuclear Physics (NP). A majority of United States lattice gauge theorists are members.

For information about USQCD, browse this website or email one of the members of the Executive Committee:

Robert Edwards (EC chair), Thomas Blum (EC deputy chair), Norman Christ, Carleton DeTar, William Detmold, Anna Hasenfratz, Andreas Kronfeld, Swagato Mukherjee, Kostas Orginos, Peter Petreczky (SPC chair), Phiala Shanahan.

The EC chair and deputy chair serve as Spokesperson and Deputy Spokesperson of the USQCD Collaboration.

To join the USQCD Collaboration, please read the charter and code of conduct and then contact Robert Edwards or Thomas Blum.

Collaboration members

Collaboration documents:

Exascale Computing Project

Scientific Program

The main scientific aims are detailed in whitepapers, proposals to the DOE-HEP and DOE-NP for cluster computing, and proposals to DOE-ASCR programs for software development.

The scientific program of USQCD is coordinated by the Scientific Program Committee (SPC), which allocates computer time on the clusters (with an eye to USQCD allocations on leadership-class computers).

The SPC members are:

Peter Petreczky (SPC chair), Martha Constantinou, George Fleming, Chris Kelly, Stefan Meinel, Jim Simone, Sergey Syritsyn.

The SPC's allocations are subject to a reductions policy for awardees who do not use their allocated computer time in an organized, timely way. The policy is spelled out here.

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2013 USQCD Physics Projects

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The well-being of the members of the USQCD Collaboration is the concern of the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI).

The CDEI members are:

William Detmold (CDEI chair), Kimmy Cushman, Robert Edwards (ex officio), Aida El-Khadra, Joel Giedt, Huey-Wen Lin.

USQCD has adopted a code of conduct for collaboration activities.