All Hands' Meeting 2015
USQCD Collaboration Meeting
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
May 1–2, 2015
Brookhaven LQCD Facility     Fermilab LQCD Facility     JLab LQCD Facility

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Remote Access

The USQCD all hands meeting will be streamed live by Fermilab Visual Media Services. You will find links to the USQCD sessions on the and here for each day:

Video streaming requires a Flash browser plugin. Try the test video stream.

The conference will also be available via ReadyTalk conferencing. Remote participants will be able to ask questions via ReadyTalk. We remind those on ReadyTalk to keep your microphone on mute when not asking a question.

To join via phone, call 866-740-1260 (US and Canada) and enter the 7-digit access code plus the '#' character 6857282#

To join from a computer, go to ReadyTalk and enter the same 7-digit access code in the “PARTICIPANT, Join a Conference” box. To watch the conference from an iPad, launch ReadyTalk Mobile on your iPad and enter the 7-digit access code in the “Access Code” box. The ReadyTalk has a link to test your laptop setup. Laptop requirements are here.

In case of technical difficulties, please send email to

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