User Accounts and Access

All users must have a valid guest appointment at BNL to access the clusters.  Here we give general instructions for how to apply for access.  Please contact your USQCD PI for details about the information to be put in to the various forms in this process.

  1. All USQCD users must have a valid guest appointment at BNL.  Those without an appointment may request one at . Click on "New Registration" and fill in the Guest Information System (GIS) form.  The details about the information to enter in the GIS form can be gotten from your USQCD PI.
  2. After the GIS form is approved, the user is notified electronically and can then request an account at (click on "Accounts"). When requesting an account, the your USQCD PI can give you information that should entered, in addition to your personal information.
  3. All users must take the standard cyber-security traning course and also sign and return the completed Computer User Agreement (CUA). Both are pre-requisites before computer access is granted. More information can be found on the account request page above.

Access to the clusters is through the SDCC gateways, and  More information about access is available at

 Last updated 5/23/23