Filesystem Details

General information about the cluster storage is available at

Users have home directories under /sdcc/u (/gpfshome01/u), with a qouta of 40 GBytes.  Temporary storage is available under /hpcgpfs01/scratch, with a quota of 2 TBytes.  Files in this temporary area that are not accessed for 30 deays will be automatically deleted.

Each of the BNL clusters is connected to a common 1 PByte GPFS file system.  For the 2019-2020 allocation year, USQCD has access to 600 TBytes of storage on this file system.  This USQCD storage is apportioned between users by the USQCD SPC.  The USQCD Liaison helps to allocate and adjust storage for users during the allocation year, as their needs vary.

Generally, each USQCD project will have access to a subdirectory of /hpcgpfs01/work/lqcd for their storage.  Collaborators on a project can arrange to permissions within their storage area as they see fit.

Each cluster has local storage attached to each node.  The details are:

  • BNL IC:  450 GBytes of local disk storage per node in /scratch
  • BNL Skylake:   
  • BNL KNL:  864 GBytes of local scratch per node in /scratch

 Last updated 2/12/19