Available Clusters

The amount of computer time and storage for USQCD at BNL is decided annually by USQCD management at the start of each fiscal year.  USQCD users get allocations to run on the clusters at BNL, through proposal submitted to the USQCD Scientific Program Committee (SPC).

For the fiscal year starting October 1, 2019, USQCD has access to three clusters at BNL

  1. The BNL Institutional Cluster (the IC or Annie).  As of February 2019, this cluster contains 216 nodes, with each node composed of an Intel CPU and GPUs.  Half of the nodes have 4 K80 GPUs and the other half have 2 P-100 devices.  More hardware details and information about storage and queues are available at https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/sdcc/institutional-cluster/information
  2. The BNL KNL cluster (Frances).  This cluster is 144 KNL nodes and more information is available at https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/sdcc/knl-cluster/information
  3. The BNL Skylake cluster (Skylake).  This cluster is 64 Skylake nodes and more information is available at https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/sdcc/Sky%20Cluster/information
 Last updated 2/12/19