USQCD Collaboration, March 22-23, 2007
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time Presenter Title (click title to see slides)
8:30–8:45 Sally Dawson Welcome to Brookhaven National Lab
8:45–9:15 Robert Sugar Report from the Executive Committee
9:15–9:45 Bill Boroski Report from the Program Manager
9:45–10:15 Andreas Kronfeld Report from the Scientific Program Committee
10:15–10:45 Coffee break
10:45–11:10 Peter Petreczky Three-flavor QCD Thermodynamics with Improved Staggered Fermions
11:10–11:35 Robert Edwards Dynamical Anisotropic-Clover Lattice Production for Hadronic Physics
11:35–12:00 Steven Gottlieb QCD with Three Flavors of Improved Staggered Quarks
12:00–12:25 Chris Dawson Simulations with Dynamical Domain Wall Fermions
12:25–1:30 Lunch
1:30–1:55 Julius Kuti The Higgs Mass in the Standard Model with Chiral Overlap Fermions &
  Top-Higgs Yukawa Model with Chiral Overlap Fermions
1:55–2:20 Paul Mackenzie B and D Meson Decays with Unquenched Improved Staggered Fermions &
  Quarkonium Physics with Unquenched Improved Staggered Fermions
2:20–2:45 Robert Mawhinney BK and Kaon Decay Matrix Elements from 2+1 Flavor DWF Lattices
2:45–3:10 Jack Laiho BK with Domain-Wall Valence Quarks and 2+1 Staggered Sea Quarks
3:10–3:40 Coffee break
3:40–4:05 David Richards Baryon Spectroscopy using Anisotropic Clover Lattices
4:05–4:30 Keh-Fei Liu Nucleon Form Factors and Hadron Spectroscopy
4:30–4:55 John Negele Nucleon Structure in the Chiral Regime with Domain Wall Fermions
4:55–5:20 Silas Beane Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics
5:30–6:30 SPC Round-table discussion of Type-A requests
7:00–9:30 Collaboration Banquet

Friday, March 23, 2007

Time Presenter Title (click title to see slides)
8:45–9:05 Efstratios Efstathiadis Report on QCDOC
9:05–9:35 Chip Watson Report on JLab clusters and FY07 procurement
9:35–9:55 Don Holmgren Report on Fermilab clusters and FY08-09 procurement
9:55–10:15 Rich Brower Report from the Software Committee
10:15–11:00 Rich Brower et al. Round-table discussion on computing and software,
including multi-threading
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–11:50 Simon Catterall Supersymmetry and Technicolor on the Lattice
11:50–12:10 Yasumichi Aoki Proton Decay Matrix Elements
12:10–12:30 Peter Lepage High-Precision Heavy-Quark Physics
12:30–1:30 Lunch
1:30–1:50 Jozef Dudek Radiative Charmonium Physics from Dynamical Lattice QCD &
  Hybrid Meson Photocouplings from Dynamical Lattice QCD
1:50–2:10 Huey-Wen Lin Study of Excited Form Factors Using Dynamical Anisotropic Lattice
2:10–2:30 William Detmold Hadronic Electromagnetic Properties
2:30–3:00 Coffee break
3:00–3:20 Frank Lee Electric and Magnetic Polarizability Simulations Using Lattice QCD
3:20–3:40 James Osborn Strange Quark Contribution to Nucleon Form Factors
3:40–4:00 Nilmani Mathur Background-field Calculation of Baryon Magnetic Moments Including Disconnected Diagrams
4:00–5:00 SPC Round-table discussion of Type-B requests

Further Proposals

Time Presenter Title
Tom Blum Electromagnetic Effects in Hadrons
James Hetrick π-π Scattering with Staggered Quarks and All-to-All Propagators
Jimmy Juge Two-Particle Hadron Operators with All-to-All Quark Propagators
Kostas Orginos Hyperon Physics
Stephen Sharpe BK, B7, and B8 with Unquenched, Improved Staggered Fermions

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