DOE Project Progress Review of Lattice QCD (LQCD) Project - May 25-26, 2006

Charge to the Review Committee

Final Review Report





Agenda: (e-mail suggestions/corrections to Don Holmgren)

Day 1, Opening Session - May 25, 2006, Location: Wilson Hall, 1 East
Start of Meeting: 8:00 AM US Central

Time Title Speaker
7:45 AM
8:00 AM
Executive Session Panel
9:00 AM
Project Overview (ppt, pdf) Don Holmgren
9:15 AM Computational Requirements (ppt, pdf) Don Holmgren
9:30 AM
2006 Acquisition at Jlab - Prototyping, Procurement, Commissioning, Performance (ppt, pdf)
Chip Watson
9:50 AM
2006 Acquisition at Fermilab - Design, Prototyping and Projected Performance (ppt, pdf)
Don Holmgren
10:00 AM
2006 Acquisition at Fermilab - Procurement (RFI, RFP, schedule, cost, and status) (ppt, pdf)
Don Holmgren
10:15 AM
2006 Acquisition at Fermilab - Installation and Commissioning Plans (ppt, pdf)
Don Holmgren
10:30 AM

10:45 AM
Proposed 2007 Acquisition (site, design, performance, schedule, and cost) (ppt, pdf)
Don Holmgren
11:25 AM
Project Management (part 1: ppt, pdf, part 2: ppt, pdf)
Don Holmgren, Bakul Banerjee
12:00 PM
1:00 PM Open session (Q&A and talks requested by reviewers)
2:45 PM Break  
3:00 PM Executive session Panel
5:00 PM Questions to LQCD project  

Day 2, May 26, 2006 . Location: Wilson Hall 1 East
Start of Meeting: 8:00 AM US Central

Time Session
7:45 AM
8:00 AM
LQCD project responses to questions
9:00 AM
Executive session
10:45 AM Break
11:00 PM
Debrief to LQCD team
12:30 PM


General: The opening sessions sessions will take place at Fermilab in Wilson Hall, One East conference room. Please contact Bakul Banerjee, Associate Project Manager (, 630-840-5251) for project review questions. Please note that Don Holmgren (, 630-840-2745) and Bakul Banerjee will be on vacation almost back to back during the last half of April and the first half of May; accordingly, please send e-mails to both Don and Bakul regarding your questions and concerns, so that one or the other can help you quickly. Griselda Lopez (, 630-840-6304) is the administrative assistant for the Computing Division Office. She will also be available for general logistical assistance. Fermilab will make arrangements for breakfasts and working lunches.

Travel: Please see a list of nearby hotels with contact information. Two of the closest are the Comfort Inn in Geneva and the Candlewood Suites in Warrenville. The Comfort Inn provides free internet access, continental breakfast, exercise room and pool; mention Fermilab to get a special rate, $72+tax for a standard room, $82+tax for a suite. The Candlewood Suites provides free Internet access, kitchen facilities, and access to a nearby gym; mention Fermilab to get a special rate, $75+tax. (Rates are subject to change.) Information about car rentals, and local tourism can be found at these travel links: link one, link two.
Note: the 2005 Federal per diem maximum lodging rate for Kane County (cities of Aurora, Geneva, St. Charles) is $66 excluding taxes, and for DuPage County (cities of Warrenville, Naperville, Lisle) the maximum is $78.

Access to Fermilab: Griselda Lopez will coordinate the badges for the guests. Please consult the e-mail access and laptop registration web page before traveling.

Attendees (Contact list for the review)

Committee Members

Daniel Hitchcock (Chair) U.S. Department of Energy
Remy Evard Argonne National Lab
William T.C. Kramer NERSC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Mark Seager ASC, Lawrence Livermore National Lab


LQCD Project  
Bakul Banerjee Fermilab
Eric Blum Brookhaven
Don Holmgren Fermilab
Amitoj Singh Fermilab
Bob Sugar UC Santa Barbara
Chip Watson Jefferson Lab
DOE Representatives  
Andre Bethea DOE Thomas Jefferson Site Office
Sidney Coon DOE/NP, Washington, D.C.
John Kogut DOE/HEP, Washington, DC
Paul Philp DOE Fermi Site Office


Project Documents LQCD Integrated Baseline Review - May 2005

LQCD Project Execution Plan [pdf] , Signature [pdf]

LQCD 2005 Review Report [pdf]

Project Response to 2005 Review Report: Slides [pdf] and Document [pdf]

Updated Project Response Document (doc, pdf)

OMB300 submissions: BY07 Aug05 [pdf]   BY08 Draft [doc]

Acquisition Plan ([pdf], [doc])



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