Review Committee Report

The final report of the review committee was received on Monday, June 27, 2005.

The project's oral response (pdf) to the review report was delivered on Monday, August 8, 2005. The written version is available here (pdf).

Agenda and Talks - May 24

The LQCD Review is scheduled for May 24-25 at the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (Building 26, Compton Laboratory), MIT, Cambridge MA, in the Kolker Room (414).
Executive Session 8:00 AM
MIT LNS Welcome 8:45 AM
LQCD Team Presentations 9:00 AM
    Scientific Overview 25 min     Bob Sugar (pdf)
    Scientific case for the project
    Project Overview 20 min Chip Watson (ppt, pdf)
    High level WBS and project context
Technical Presentations 9:45 AM
        Computational 20 min Steve Gottlieb (pdf)
        Requirements     High level concepts on computing
        Design Considerations 35 min Don Holmgren (ppt, pdf)
    Technology and procurement strategy,
    performance, near term tech. expectations
BREAK 10:40 AM - 10:055 AM
        FY06 Procurement 15 min Don Holmgren     (ppt, pdf)
    Details of WBS for new hardware
        Operations 30 min Chip Watson (ppt, pdf)
    Staffing, meta-facility operations,
    user support
LUNCH 12:00 - 1:00 PM
    Related Projects
        QCDOC Development 20 min Norman Christ (ppt, pdf)
    Current QCDOC machine, future R&D
        SciDAC Prototypes 15 min Don Holmgren (ppt, pdf)
    Hardware prototyping
        SciDAC Software R&D 15 min Richard Brower (ppt, pdf)
    Software context
        ILDG 5 min Chip Watson (ppt, pdf)
    International Lattice Data Grid
    Management Organization    10 min Don Holmgren (ppt, pdf)
    Project Management 25 min Bakul Banerjee (ppt, pdf)
    Cost and Schedule 20 min
Executive Session 3:00 PM
Questions to LQCD Team 5:30 PM

Agenda - May 25

    Responses to Questions 8:00 AM
    Executive Session 9:30 AM
    Debrief to LQCD Team        1:00 PM
    Adjourn 2:30 PM

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