DOE Annual Progress Review of the
Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD) Computing Project


May 21-22, 2018

Brookhaven National Laboratory

(Computational Science Initiative) Building 725, Meeting Room 2-124

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May 21

08:30Executive Session(60 min)
09:30Welcome(10 min)David Lissauer
09:40Logistics and Introductions(5 min)Bill Boroski
09:45LQCD-ext II Overview & USQCD Governance(25 min)Andreas Kronfeld
10:10LQCD-ext II Overview & USQCD Governance(20 min)Robert Edwards
10:30Break(20 min)
10:50Science Talk 1: Cold Nuclear Physics(30 min)Will Detmold
11:20Science Talk 2: Heavy Ion Physics(30 min)Peter Petreczky
11:50Science Talk 3: Beyond the Standard Model(20 min)Ethan Neil
12:10Lunch / Executive Session(50 min)
13:00Science Talk 4: QCD for HEP(40 min)Christoph Lehner
13:40LQCD-ext II: Management and Performance(60 min)Bill Boroski
14:40LQCD-ext II: FY17/18 Acquisition Plan & Status(20 min)Bob Mawhinney
15:00Break(20 min)
15:20LQCD-ext II: BNL Institutional Cluster Adoption(20 min)Tony Wong
15:40LQCD-ext II: Accomplishments and Status of JLab Facilities(20 min)Chip Watson
16:00Lattice QCD in FY19 and Beyond(40 min)Andreas Kronfeld
16:40Executive Session(60 min)
17:40Committee request for additional informationJohn Kogut / Project Leadership
19:00Dinner at Pure North Fork Craft Kitchen & Bar

May 22

08:30Response to committee questions and discussion(90 min)
10:00Break(10 min)
10:10Executive Session / Preliminary Report Writing(110 min)
12:00Lunch(60 min)
13:00Closeout(60 min)

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