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The Fermilab LQCD pi0, pi0g, Bc and Ds clusters (both CPU and GPU based) and /lqcdproj, /lfsz Lustre file-systems will be retired and inaccessible after March 31 2020. This is a HARD deadline. This DOES NOT affect the LQ1 Institutional cluster and any disk storage available on that cluster.




Last Updated: 11 March 2020.


/project Filesystem

The /project areas are not affected by this transition. However we are in the process of procuring new storage hardware and will relocate existing /project data to the new storage hardware. Obviously there will be a period of time during which /project will be inaccessible but users will be provided sufficient notice ahead of time.

Individual User Data

Any data in your home area on, /bchome, /dshome or the Lustre file-systems (lqcdproj, lfsz) that is precious and needs to be saved. We prefer that it be saved off-site first.

Tape Storage

Each year, many projects have requested tape storage allocation to save critical work at the end of the program year. If your data is already copied to tape, please delete any second copy of that data on disk ASAP. If you have an active PY2019-20 storage allocation for tape, you can save copies of data to tape within your project's allocated quota. Due to a limited tape budget, we cannot offer new tape storage beyond an active allocation.

Storage on the LQ1 cluster

Storage space on the new LQ1 cluster is only available as an allocated resource. If your project has an active allocation on LQ1, you can copy in appropriate data to the /lustre1 storage within your project's allocated quota.

Requesting a new Allocation

If you are developing a proposal for an allocation in Program Year 2020-21, you can apply for a new Class C allocation on the LQ1 Institutional Cluster. A Class C allocation is typically 100K Sky-core-hours and up to 1 TB of disk storage. If you need more storage than that, you will need to explain and justify that in your request.

Updates to this web page

We will update this web page as new information becomes available. If you have any further questions please email us at

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