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Fermilab Lattice Gauge Theory Computational Facility

Fermilab operates large clusters of computers for lattice quantum chromodynamics, as part of the national computational infrastructure for lattice QCD established by the Department of Energy. Their goal is the understanding of the strong dynamics of quarks and gluons, which is beyond the reach of the traditional perturbative methods of quantum field theory. A central goal of the groups using the computers is the accomplishment of the calculations required to extract from experiment the fundamental parameters of the Standard Model of particle physics.

NEWS: Lattice Cluster End-of-life

The Fermilab LQCD pi0, pi0g, Bc and Ds clusters (both CPU and GPU based) and /lqcdproj, /lfsz Lustre file-systems will be retired and inaccessible after March 31 2020. This is a HARD deadline. This DOES NOT affect the LQ1 Institutional cluster and any disk storage available on that cluster.

For updated information, please visit the Lattice EOL Information Page.

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